Respectful Relationships

Kiara Jade Relationship

Respectful relationships

 Do you ever feel like you simply keep attracting the wrong men to you?

 Are you someone find themselves with the guys who inevitably let you down?

 Do you feel like a magnet that disrespectful guys flock to?

 Do you feel like a magnet that disrespectful guys flock to? Ever wonder WHY does this keep happening to me?

Kiara Jade

If you answered yes to any or all of these than this is probably the right place for you!

I remember feeling stuck on the merry go round of not meeting any great men…to the point where I found it easier to be single. I found myself single for four years whilst I worked out why I kept attracting men who treated me like rubbish.. Until one day I realised what if I was attracting these guys because I was still carrying some emotional baggage of the past that hadn’t been cleared? What if all I needed to do was to go through the baggage and clear what I no longer needed?

With some self-reflection, I opened up that baggage and have never looked back!

I am Kiara Jade and I help women to understand why they keep attracting relationships that aren’t working, how to break the pattern of the same kind of guy in relationships, and how to clear our past baggage that is holding us back. I help women to notice the red flags and actually take action on them, and ultimately find the mindset of respectful relationships so they can attract their own.

If this sounds like you come along to our free Attracting Respectful Relationships Webinar, where we go into this in more depth.

My clients find after working with me they have a clearer understanding of what didn’t work in their past relationships and they are able to break the cycles they have been stuck in to breakthrough to a healthier happier relationship future. They attract higher quality people around them not only in relationships but in all areas of life. They find that relationship satisfaction comes easier.

Kiara Jade Relationship

I offer:

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-healing from cheating
-being successfully single
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