Kiara Jade

Hi, I am Kiara

I am a passionate Relationship & Self Worth Consultant who loves to help women break their patterns in relationships which do not serve them. 2 years ago, after realising the epidemic of women who are unhappy within themselves and their relationships, I founded Kiara Jade Relationship Success.

Kiara Jade Relationship Success is a revolution which is inspiring women to question their patterns in relationships, work through and release their trauma bonds, and ultimately learn to love themselves so that they can attract better quality partners to them who reflect that inner love back to them.

I am a presenter, youtuber and soon to be author having just completed my first manuscript of my book Relationship Dynamics awaiting publication. I am also a social worker who has worked extensively in the mental health field.

I utilise my personal experience, and weave this with my lens of professional expertise to depict to my clients how anyone has the power to change their unhappy relationships, all the way to calling in their soulmate, and I teach others what life lessons will propel them onto this path of finding the love we truly deserve.

My mission is to see that all women get the chance to experience a great love they truly deserve, which serves them within their lifetime. To achieve this I have created courses and workshops on creating strong boundaries, attracting respectful relationships, learning to love yourself and relationship healing women’s circles.

Kiara Jade

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I have presented at Seven Sisters Festival, and I am a monthly Relationship Expert blogger on Prosperi Press.com, I have written for Rebirth Magazine, and been interviewed on Spiritual Events Directory and 97.7 Casey Radio.

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