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Relationship dynamics: Healing our Love Blocks that Hinder the Pathway to Love.

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Relationship Dynamics is about healing the love blocks that are holding us back from healthy relationships. Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same kind of man to you? The non committal, the narcissist, the cheater or the like. It may be a different person but similar characteristics play out over and over. Don’t get stuck in the dynamic, instead read this book and find your way forward.Kiara Jade

Specifically, we explore the often hidden unconscious dysfunctional coping strategies we picked up in childhood and how these dynamics seriously hinder our chances to be happy and have healthy relationships. We explore topics like cheating, love addiction, victim mentality, narcissism and co-dependency. Each relationship dynamic is broken down into both sides of the partnership, and seen through a therapist’s lens of what the life lesson is undermining it and how to heal and clear this dynamic in your life.
Clearing these dynamics will put you miles ahead towards ultimately attracting a healthy partnership in your life. Unsure what that looks like? Not to worry, the final chapter will explore what the elusive healthy relationship looks like, that many of which have never witnessed in their family of origin.